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The Team

Martina Viduka

Martina Viduka is a Geriatric Specialized Registered Nurse, working in the business of healthcare. Martina understands the industry from both a business context and the bedside. Her aim at PeriPower is to use her passion to bring high-quality healthcare to where it matters most; directly to the patient and their caregivers.

Martina is determined to increase the quality of life of her patients and fellow clinicians.

Erin Webb

Erin Webb brings business and operational excellence to the PeriPower team. In her past life as a management consultant, she implemented projects in the United States for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), hospital process improvements, and clinical trials.

Erin has followed a common thread throughout her career of promoting fundamental changes to how healthcare works today, and sees PeriPower as a continuation of that journey.

Jasper Castell

Jasper Castell is a Computer Science Student at TU-Berlin. Before studying computer science, Jasper received his law degree and worked at a top ten law firm in the corporate healthcare sector. His aim at PeriPower is to master bureaucratic hurdles and empower the connection between business and engineering.

He is passionate about beautiful solutions to difficult problems.