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About PeriPower

PeriPower originated at the Hacking Female Health event in November 2018, where it won first prize and was later awarded a place in the Fraunhofer AHEAD program.


PeriPower notifies clinicians and caregivers in real-time when a patient has an incontinent episode using sensor technology to increase patient dignity and quality of life. As urinary incontinence is a leading risk factor for urinary tract infections, pressure ulcers, and falls, PeriPower has the potential to reduce health system expenditures, as pressure ulcers alone cost the German health care system up to 2.3 billion euros annually.

Unique technology

Together with the applied research experts from the Fraunhofer IZM PeriPower developed a solution to monitor incontinence episodes completely wireless and unintrusive. There is no additional workload for clinicians and there is no device on the patient. PeriPower believes that this is the optimal way to combine patient-centered care with clinical efficiency, bringing the vast advantages of incontinence monitoring to the bedside.